Our devoted community are encouraged to grow together by going deeper in our understanding of scripture and putting it into practice through the week.

Small Group Bible Study

Small Groups

Small groups are a midweek opportunity to get to know a few people more closely but even more importantly to grow as a disciple. They are a safe environment for us to talk about faith, read the Bible, pray and share our lives with each other. Email Sarah, our Associate Vicar, to join a group.

Mike Archer

Wednesday Nights

Each term we host either a series of Wednesday Night Gatherings or a set of Devoted Workshops in the church for those not yet in a small group.

Wednesday Night Gatherings are a series of sessions that unpack Sundays message further and Devoted Workshops are an opportunity to grow in a particular area of minsitry.

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We have resources such as teaching notes, Bible study questions, and video content for you to use as you grow together, whether that's in a church small group or over a coffee with friends.