We are open again!

Open House has re-opened after the summer break and we are excited to welcome everyone into the church once again.

House of Prayer  meets every weekday morning 9-9.30am in the church and all are welcome to join us

We are opening the doors of the church throughout the week and invite you to:  

• Come and enjoy a warm drink and cake in our Café 

• Help yourself to food supplies from our Food Hub

• Spend some time praying or reflecting in our Sacred Space 

• Look out for our Open House Chaplain  who would love to chat or pray with you 

Opening Times (in Term Time only, except we will be open in half term)
9.00 - 11.30am  Monday - Thursday 
2.30 - 4.30pm  Monday - Wednesday

Everyone is welcome so come on in!

If there is something you would like prayer for email prayer@highfield.church
If you would like to talk with someone email  pastoralteam@highfield.church

If you would like to volunteer to help run Open House please click here.